200 million PS3s — and slow development?

Business Week reports on Sony and the new Cell processor, which will make its debut in the PlayStation 3. Lots of PS3 details in the story:

  • One analyst suggests PS3 will sell 12 million consoles in the first year and 200 million in five years. That’s almost double the PS2’s five-year count, and probably a wild exaggeration. But we’ll allow it.
  • An anonymous developer complains that the current dev kit for the PS3 isn’t up to par without an nVidia graphics chip that Sony promised to deliver in November. “The machine we have is 10 times slower than the PS3 should be.”
  • Sony’s semiconductor chief plays up the new processor: “The Cell chip is as good as the Pentium, if not better.” There’s speculation that the Cell could be used down the road for things beyond gaming — from 3D design to MRI scanners in hospitals.

Sony: Shooting from the Chip? [Business Week]

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