Grand Theft Auto: London for PS3?

According to the rumor mill over at, Rockstar is working on a London edition of the Grand Theft Auto series for release on the PlayStation 3 in the fourth quarter of 2006. The article’s author is openly skeptical about the tip, which came from an anonymous “alleged employee” of the game developer. Here are some more of the details:

According to our source (who admittedly doesn’t have the most perfect spelling), the “3 Island” system will be replaced by a new “North, East, South, West” system, and the main character will be an ex-gangster starting off in the “rough-and-tumble east end of London.” Unlocked regions are to include the North End, South End, and West End, in order. The game is supposed to be about 60% finished, with the graphics and physics engines both completed.

Rumor - Grand Theft Auto: London for PS3 in Q4 2006 [Joystiq]

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