A sub-$300 price tag for Nintendo Revolution?

Nintendo Revolution It sounds like Nintendo is positioning itself as the lower-priced competitor to the expensive PS3 and the mid-range Xbox 360. The company’s president revealed to Japanese press that the system will launch below $300, making it cheaper than the cheapest 360, and almost certainly cheaper than the PS3 as well. Here’s one of the ways they’re cutting costs:

The Revolution will be cheaper in part because Nintendo is stepping away from HD support. The company is betting on low initial HDTV adoption over the next few years; less than a quarter of American homes will have HDTV by the time the Revolution launches.

Sounds like a pretty reasonable strategy to us. After all, the Revolution is a gaming machine, whereas the other systems try to be wide-ranging entertainment devices. Still no word on when the Revolution or PS3 will launch.

Nintendo Revolution less than $300 [Ars Technica]

UPDATE: Actually, the guys at Revolution Report quote the price as sub-$399 … and the Japanese translation is hazy. Either way, we can expect something cheaper than the 360 and PS3.

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