007 headed back to PS3?

Bond The new James Bond game, Casino Royale, will be released with the movie in November — but which consoles will it be on?


Not long ago, we reported that the next James Bond game, Casino Royale, was scrapped for next-generation systems in favor of the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube. Now, with the film of the same name due for release in November, we’re hearing that the game might be headed to PS3 and Xbox 360. The source, as always, is Electronic Arts’ jobs postings.

EA is currently advertising various jobs for the project on their recruitment website, asking for “top talented people in the industry to work on the next gen platforms - PS3, Xbox360 and Nintendo Revolution.”

That’s from CVG, and it’s also been reported on GameSHOUT. We can’t find the exact posting they’re talking about on Jobs.EA.com — any thoughts?

More from the rumor mill on the job listing we can’t find: EA says Casino Royale’s release will coincide with the PS3 launch and the movie’s opening on November 17. We don’t think they are really calling the PS3’s launch date, but hey, you never know.

Will Bond see PS3 release date? [GameSHOUT]

EARLIER: Casino Royale is said to be slated for current-gen systems.

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