PS3’s online service: The HUB

More scoops for Next Gen — they reveal some insider info about PS3’s competitor to Xbox Live.


We’ve heard a bit about the online service that Sony is planning for the PlayStation 3, particularly that it will be a “full-on assault” against Xbox Live. Now we’ve got some new info, including the tentative name for the service: PlayStation HUB.

As suggested by the name, which is in all caps either because it’s an acronym or just to be cool, the HUB will be a central online service comparable to that of Xbox Live, including “chat, downloadable demos, independent games and online play.”

It will also handle PSP online play, and will be a subscription service. Sounds good to us — we’ll keep you informed when official confirmation is made.

Exclusive: PS3 HUB; September Launch [NextGen]

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