Wake up for the Wii

Never quite thought I’d awaken to the words, “It’s Wii time, boys and girls,” but I suppose E3 brings out the worst in all of us. We’re headed back to the Los Angeles Convention Center today and sprinting for the two-and-a-half-hour line that wraps around Nintendo’s booth as anxious gamers await their first chance to experience Wii.

We’ll hit you up with our impressions of the console formerly known as revolution, as well as hands-on reports with some of the playable PS3 games we missed yesterday. And by the way, the New York Times has confirmed our suspicions that the PS3 controller is a total last-second save.

Unfortunately for Sony, the admission by one of the Warhawk developers that his team got its hands on the new controller less than two weeks ago reinforced the impression that Sony only added motion-sensitive technology at the last minute in a hasty attempt to match Nintendo.

Two weeks? And here we were thinking they just came up with it during the hour-long press conference delay.

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