News roundup

Business Week ran an in-depth article today suggesting that the PS3’s high price tag - and the fact that “Sony has tied nearly every piece of its expansive operations to the console’s success” - could lead to disaster. Surprise!

Hexus Gaming and Gamespot are both reporting that a Japanese Web site (Tech On!) has information about a motion-sensing camera/controller combo for the PS3. Will it rival the Wii’s control, or end up a sad EyeToy redux? This image is being distributed to explain the new system:

The future of gaming - a candle and a pencil

Behold, the future of gaming: a candle in a TV, controlled by a pencil!

An Australian site has posted - tomorrow, somehow, curse those Aussies - that Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Asustek is
a month and a half ahead of schedule, meaning 200,000 PS3 units could be done by the end of the month.

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